Codeforces Visualizer

This is code repository for a simple analytics visualization site for Codeforces online judge users using Codeforeces API. The site is currently hosted at here.

cfviz analytics

Current features

Single User Analytics

  • Verdicts chart
  • Languages chart
  • Tags chart
  • Levels chart
  • Total tried problems count
  • Total solved problems count
  • Average and max attempts
  • Count of problems solved with one submission
  • Max AC for a single problem (It indicates in how many ways someone solved a problem)
  • List of unsolved problems

Comparison between two users

  • Current, max and min rating
  • Number of contests
  • Best and worst position in contest
  • Max positive and negative rating change
  • Compared rating time-line
  • Total tried problem count compared
  • Total solved problem count compared
  • Average and max attempts compared
  • Count of problems solved with one submission compared
  • Max AC for a single problem compared
  • Tags compared
  • Levels compared


  • When somebody searches for a handle that doesn't exists, we get Cross-Origin Request blocked and the status code becomes 0 in jQuery. So we can't determine if the user doesn't really exists or some other network problem occurs.
  • Firefox hangs for a while when drawing the tags comparison chart. Probably because it's big. I have plan to divide that chart in two parts.
  • When counting number of solved problems, some problems that appear both on div 1 and div 2 get counted twice.

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