I'm Sakib

A problem solver

A self learner

A passionate programmer

A full stack developer

About Me

Ever since I was a kid, when computers were not very common in the country, I had a keen interest for those machines. I got my first computer at the age of seventeen and I've been coding since then. I'm doing my graduation in Mathematics and besides that, I had been working for Informatix Technologies since May 2019.

C was the first programming language I taught myself. Later I tried many different things: Processing (a variant of java), Python, PHP, JavaScript. And many related frameworks and technologies. I've taught myself some basic CS topics in the way as well. I've solved 350+ programming problems in various online judges. For the last two years, I'm focused on frontend development with JavaScript.

I am a co-founder of ShunBoi. I've developed the app frontend with react-native.

Some of the other things that fascinate me are history, ethnology, languages, chess, books, movies etc.


Algorithms and Data Structures

I have understanding of most commonly used algorithms and data structures. I've solved 350+ problems in various online judges.


I have the necessary skills in HTML and CSS to implement a design. I've worked with bootstrap, bulma, semantic-ui css frameworks. I'm also familiar with sass.

React and React Native

I've been working with both these frameworks for over a year now. I've worked with most of the technologies related with react, like redux, react-router, nextjs, jest, enzyme etc. So far I've published tree apps in Google Play.


I have basic skills in Node. I'm familiar with express, mongoose, passport, socket.io etc.


Python is my favorite programming language. I prefer python for solving problems in online judges. I've worked with django, selenium, scrapy, fabric, beautiful soup, tkinter in the past.


Besides these, I have some basic DevOps skills. I've deployed django and node projects to VPS. I'm used to git, linux shell, yarn npm etc.


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