Dingulo - Keep track of your days

An app that keeps track of how your days are going and helps you reflect on your life.

Available on google paly

Do you think you life sucks? Does it ever happen that you pass a pretty good day and you don't even notice that?

Now you can keep track how you spend your days. This is how it works:

  • Receive a notification every day at the end of the day, asking you 'How was the day?'

  • Label your day as 'good', 'bad', 'fun', 'productive' etc with proper modifiers like 'somehow', 'very', 'a lot'

  • Later, you can see how many and what percentage of your days were labeled with a certain label.

  • You can add your custom labels with modifiers and color.

  • Backup your data in Google Drive.

With custom labels, you can keep track of anything you want, like your bad and good habits.

Also, when you try to answer 'How was the day?', you have to think about your day, reflect on your life. You may question yourself how you are spending your days and how you really want to. Dingulo can help you live a better and positive life.