DotConnect - The Game

A turn based two player game built on MERN stack technologies. This was my first project with react. Since it was my first serious JavaScript project, I tried to use as less packages as possible so that I could learn and understand things deeply. But this was obviously a bad idea. I didn't even use basic packages like body-parser. This project seems very crude now. Maybe I'll update it someday.


  • Play online against a friend in real time. Create a game and send the link to a friend.
  • Play with strangers from lobby.
  • Watch games being played by others. Well, that was an unintended feature 😛
  • Sign in with facebook to save progress and scores.
  • Compete in the Top chart

Rules of the game

The game starts with a grid of dots. Each player in turn connects two dots vertically or horizontally. If this connection makes a box, he gets a point and another move. No move can be passed. When the grid is complete, the player with most points wins.

Live Demo

Key Technologies

In the fronted-

In the backend-

Read the medium story

Run this on your own machine

You will need to have node, npm and yarn installed.

# First clone the repository with git
git clone

# Then move inside the project, install the client side dependencies and run the front-end
cd dot-connect
yarn install
yarn start

# Now open a new shell window and move to the server directory
# install the server side dependencies and run the server
cd server
yarn install
yarn start

An internet connection is required for the app to work. Because it uses a sandbox database instance from mlab instead of local installation of Mongo.